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This semisolid treat is packed with protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B2, an billions of good bacteria is not only good for your health but your appearance as well. If you like spending your snack time with a serving yogurt , then you have an easy access to an all-natural skin and hair beautifier.


Yogurt mixed with coconut oil is a common natural hair care ingredient. It is rich in vitamins and fatty Acids that are essential for hair growth. Combine both the ingredients in a bowl. Apply the hair pack to your strand, and let it stay for and hour. Then, rinse thoroughly using a mild shampoo. You will get silky, smooth dandruff-free hair.


Who doesn’t want their skin to glow in the summer time. All we need to do is just add one spoon of curd in a bowl, Half spoon of gram flour and a pinch of turmeric. All of the ingredients have amazing properties individually. Starting with Gram flour, it moisturizes the face and leaves the skin radiant. Coming to turmeric, it has antiseptic properties which helps fight acne, blemishes and so much more than just that .


Clear skin is what we all dream off, whereas skin aging is just like a nightmare for all the ladies out there. Obviously we can’t stop the Process of aging but we can surely delay it. This face mask can surely turn your nightmare into a beautiful dream. We will require one Spoon of plain yogurt , one vitamin E capsule, half spoon olive oil. These three ingredients will help your skin to look flawless.4)FACE CLEANSER :

Yogurt even works as a face cleanser for the skin. Yogurt is rich in protein and lactic acid which together helps in detoxify skin. For a face Cleanser we can mix yogurt with powdered oat meal, and one spoon milk. This mixture will absorb and remove impurities, while providing Very gentle exfoliation, leaving skin smooth , soft and clean with a healthy glow.


The pressure of work and studies, health problems, stress, unhealthy diet, improper lifestyle, and lack of sufficient sleep can lead to dark circles Under eyes. To treat these monsters under your eyes, this use of yogurt with potato juice will help you solve your problem. All you need to this just Mix both the ingredients i.e. yogurt and potato juice. and soak it in a cotton pad. This method can be used for as much time as you want even over night For better result.



Generally, lactic acid is present in yogurt which contains anti fungal properties. You can use plain yogurt all over the infected area. This has to be done minimum 4-5 times a day till the infection clears up. Yogurt will help in treating the infection fast with all its  natural properties.


Back from GOA ???? and all tanned? Not to worry ! we have our magic ingredient  which will solve your problem. Yess, its  yogurt, we need to mix plain yogurt with Aloe Vera gel and apply all over the sunburn area. This mixture cool, soothe, and treat redness right out of your sunburn. You will back with Your glowing skin .


We all dream of beautiful, long and straight hair without any breakage. This dream of yours can be fulfilled if you use the next mask for your hair. You require 2 spoon of yogurt, one egg, 1 spoon amla powder. This mixture will leave your hair, so smooth and shiny. This will Help your hair to grow long without any breakage and you can also flaunt your hair among your girls out there.

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