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The long awaited-features of WhatsApp

Upcoming features of WhatsApp that everyone has been waiting for

Two new features are being tested by WhatsApp that will be available soon to all the WhatsApp users worldwide. There has been a rumour for a long time that the app is working on the option of “unsend” for messages. This feature will provide the users a five-minute window to edit or delete the sent messages. The messages can’t be unsent after five minutes.

So, people now will not have to get embarrassed due to texts sent by mistake. However, the company has not made it clear that whether they will include only those texts that are in transit and/or that have already been delivered and read. According to the sources of WABetaInfo, this feature is being tested by the company in a new beta released by WhatsApp web. 

Along with the unsend option, live messages are also being tested by WhatsApp. This will let users share real-time information for a particular period. For example, people can find each other on a busy road by sending live location. This may last for five minutes till they find each other.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s new Beta version for android introduces shortcuts to format the text messages. Presently, a number of commands are required to be remembered by the users to format the messages. For making the text bold, asterisks like *this* have to placed. To italicize and strikethrough, users have to use underscores (_this_) and tildes (~this~) respectively. The new version of WhatsApp allows the users to select an excerpt of text with a tap and hold, to display the various formatting options. So, the users will no longer require to learn and type the commands.

If the feedback of these tests are positive WhatsApp will introduce these features in the future update.

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