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SAMEERA: Is it the Love or the religion; what will be the priority of this Muslim girl who is madly in Love!

The day we are born, we are not only born with a surname, or belong to a family, but also are linked to a religion. We are born to worship a God who is considered to be the only creator of the world. Well, on the other hand there are hundreds of religions and there are hundreds of God as well, who are supposed to be of the respective religions. And who chooses to worship whom, is something which is decided by an authority which perhaps has lost somewhere with time or is something nobody knows about.

But have you ever imagined, the outcomes when someone denies these so called axioms, and chooses to be the master of his/her own world. What will happen when someone chooses a different God, and not only chooses but also refuses to accept anything other than that?

Can we call this love, can someone in our society dare do this? What if someone does this, will his/her existence be a mere thought?

Well, all these question along with some other must have started bursting up into your heads. To your surprise there exists a story, which is known to break these stereotypes.

The unusual love story showcased mesmerizingly in an endearing short film named SAMEERA, will surely let you skip you beat once. If you are still unable to believe that such unusual things can happen, then this movie is something which will surely give you Goosebumps.

A Muslim girl who is a devoted painter has lost herself in the unconditional love of someone who is not only outside her religion but also is a restriction in her community. Who is He and why is she so in love? Is there any way out which can help her lead the path of success, or is love not the name of just being physically present with someone you love?

Well, this is the movie which will take you on a totally new and unsaid journey of Love, you will realise the real power of love. However, can this cross the religious boundaries? To get the answers to these questions, you can quickly switch to the short film SAMEERA by Swati Semwal streaming on Net Pix Shorts.

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