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Reforms in H-1B visa

Reforms in H-1B Visa used by Indians

The federal agencies have been ordered by President Donald Trump to tauten the visa program that is being used to bring skilled workers to the US. This order has been passed by him to carry out his pledge of putting “America First”.

On his visit to Snap-On Inc, a tool manufacturer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Trump signed an executive order on implementing and analyzing the H-1B visa which is popular in the technology industry.

Under the ‘Buy American Hire American’ strategy of President, the secretaries of concerned agencies(State, Justice, Labour and Homeland security) have been directed to examine the H-1B visa program and identify the changes that will eradicate fraud and injustice. This will make the program more functional for businesses in America at the same protecting the American employees. The main concern of Trump is that many of the H-1B visas are given out for low-paid work at outsourcing firms, out of which most of them are based in India, and this takes away employment opportunities from Americans”.

Reforms in H-1B Visa

Trump wants that visas should be given only to highly skilled workers on a merit basis.

As Trump is going to complete 100-days of his presidency, he still has no synodical achievements. He has made an attempt to improve healthcare and taxation law but it didn’t turn out to be positive so far and has depended massively on executive orders to make changes in the American economy.

Trump acknowledged his voter base on Tuesday in the manufacturing centers of America. Last year, Wisconsin surprisingly voted for Republican notably because of Trump’s promise to bring back industrial jobs.

H-1B visas have been proposed only for foreign nationals in occupations that require higher education, including science, engineering etc. Every year 65,000 visas are allotted by the government through lottery method and remaining 20,000 are distributed randomly to graduate student workers.

According to critics, the lottery is very beneficial for outsourcing firms. These firms flood the system with abundant visa applications of low-paid information technology labourers.

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