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Travel solo.

Go Solo!

  • “He travels the fastest who travels alone.” – Rudyard Kipling
Solitary Adventure: the Single best gift you can give yourself.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.The idea of travelling alone might be a daunting task at first but once you take the plunge you wouldn’t want to adventure any other way.

A solitary adventure is an important enriching experience.

You meet new people and make new friends.
– It’s always far more comfortable to introduce yourself to lone travellers and strike up a conversation.

It is liberating. – you are free to do anything and are not obliged to entertain anyone but yourself.  If you want to chat with some interesting folks at a sidewalk cafe, join a group of like-minded people for yoga on the beach or “waste” the day sitting at an outdoor bar drinking mojitos instead of sightseeing, you won’t have to answer to anyone.

It’s Empowering. – If traveling makes you a better and a smarter person, then traveling alone makes you super-better and super-smarter. For any of you who may feel uncomfortable sitting alone at a diner for a meal, taking a solo trip might seem daunting. Once you take the plunge and get over your fears, you will feel empowered.

A successful solo vacation can inspire you to tackle even more things in life you’ve been afraid to do.

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