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A lot of you are starting college this year and I know how confusing it gets to start out and build a fun, stylish yet cheap basically perfect college wardrobe. Beside that you guys need to keep certain things in mind ,which will not only help you but make your college life easy and fun .



You guys gonna be running around, hanging around with friends, attending lectures , bunk classes and obviously you will start to sweat , A LOT!  In such case you will realize that “COTTON IS YOUR FRIEND”. Basically, when you wear cotton and sweat, the sweat gets vaporize. Cotton lets your skin breathe. But if you wear any other fabric like nylon, synthetic  or any other rich texture, it will not let your skin breathe and stick your body, hence will result in a very bad odor. If you don’t wish to wear 100% cotton , you can definitely go with fabric mixed with cotton , in which majority of fabric is cotton


Never ever buy the whole wardrobe in one go. The reason behind this is, when you buy a lot of clothes all together , you tend to get bored of them and eventually start to buy new clothes . This will lead to wastage of money,all you can do is purchase 5-7 pairs of clothing and wear  it for 2 weeks. This will even help you to know the environment of your college , and how can you dress further .



If you are thinking to purchase too many cheap footwear , I am sorry that would be the most stupid decision you will take. Purchasing cheap quality footwear will harm your body , your back , your feet and mess up your working system in long run. You should spend money on a good quality footwear as you have to walk a lot in college and quality footwear might help you in maintaining a good body posture. Always avoid wearing heels unless it’s a function in college , wearing heels will ultimately limit your running capability , as you will run from one lecture to another  (only if you don’t bunk )


There are times , when you don’t have money or you don’t have time to purchase new funky clothes . all you can do is just accessorize your outfit. You can wear any basic top or maxi dress and pair it with dainty or statement jewelry , like earring or neck piece . You just need to invest in stylish accessories like scarf, sunglasses etc.


Its very obvious , that when you have early morning lectures , you will not bother if the outfit you’re wearing is matching with each other or not , the priority will be to be on time. So , to avoid this fuss , you need to manage by deciding the outfit one night before you leave for college. And even if you don’t have early morning lectures , you can use hangers to hang clothes , instead of folding them, that will automatically save time , and you can mix and match your clothes .


It is very important to know , that you can not wear foundation on a daily basis , even if you think you can , you just can not ! It is very hot in summers and your face will start to look greasy in very less time. Instead wear a sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer to cover any flaws. Do carry a blotting paper or a compact [powder to pat on your skin , when it sweats. And always remember to wear a nice nude and natural looking lipstick, never wear anything that’s too dramatic unless , there’s any occasion.


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