Friday , March 22 2019
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analyzing narco analysis

Analyzing narco analysis With the advancement of science there has been a tremendous change in the modes of commencement of crime, to counter these scientific methods new methods of investigation have also evolved. One such instrument is ‘narco analyses. This emergence of scientific development has resulted in development of new …

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Data Protection Laws of India

In the recent years India has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for offshore business outsourcing. Financial services, educational services, legal services, banking services, healthcare services, marketing services and telecommunication services . The factors that have turned India into one of the hotspots for offshore outsourcing are the educated …

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Law Courses In India

India has an acute shortage of law professionals as there are more than half a crore cases pending at various court levels. Supreme Court alone has 50, 000 pending cases to deal with many more thousands piling up every month. These whopping figures do not only show the backlog of …

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