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7 Easy Tips to Style a Little Black Dress

Timeless BLACK can never go out of the league. And when we think about the urbanity and elegance, then a little black dress would definitely be in the top position in every women’s wardrobe.

A Little Black Dress is a blank canvas to trot out your personal style. The dress is one of a kind that can be spiced up for all sorts of occasions. And yes, one of the sassiest and elegant fashion innovations, that has ruled to become an iconic design detail for the ravishing and mignon looks.

Irrespective of the age group it is liked and worn by many. LBD is, indeed a gossamer and extremely feminine piece nowadays, that can create flawless looks for any occasion. Whether you prefer, a keep it simple or a jazz it up with accessories look, we are here to help you get inspired.

Here are some of the tricks to make your LBD more noticeable:

    • For a Casual Look, pair your LBD with simple trendy flats or cool sneakers.  Planning a brunch date with your girls, add black sunglasses to make it a perfect look.
    • Like mixing up things? Add some brown accessories to your LBD then. Brown adds more variation in Black. So, pair up your LBD with brown statement sandals and a brown tote, which creates the perfect look for a shopping stroll.
    • Going out for evening party outdoors or indoors, a dinner or a date? Time to pick up your High Heels. You can pick any form of heels, especially the ones you feel comfortable in. And finish your look with an alluring clutch or a small handbag with highlighted glittery design.
    • If your LBD have a colored embellishments collars, then play it up by coordinating occasions. For example: Going out to attend a small event, pair your LBD with an oversized colored bag, that will fill jolt interest.

  • Like Black Cats? Opt for a Head to Toe Black look. The most impeccable and chicest look. Just stick with a fit and flare black dress, a black streamlined blazer and hide your eyes with black sunglasses. Attending some semi-formal event, carry a black glittered clutch.  For a casual look, carry a leather black bag.
  • Talking about Office or Formal looks, match your LBD with a small suit jacket or a blazer, black or any other shade recommended to pick neutral options, like grey or beige. Sum up looks with black or nude heels.
  • Tired of wearing an old and boring Maxi? Give your Maxi a new look. This time try to accessorize it with a belt. To add more to your new short maxi dress, reach out for a bold chunky necklace and make it an eye-catching piece of your outfit.


So girls, glam up and add some spice to your LBD’S and create the most picture perfect and ideal looks ever!

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